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Are you having trouble getting Pre-Approved for an Austin commercial mortgage loan, or having difficulty finding a commercial mortgage lender in Austin?

Loan programs with Austin Commercial Loan are usually better than market terms and are more affordable to the borrower in most cases due to availability of flexible custom products and an extensive relationship with private and public investors both domestically and internationally. We are Austin’s commercial mortgage loan experts! Whether you are just searching for more information about commercial mortgage loans, looking to buy a new commercial property, needing to refinance your existing commercial loan, or even take cash out to pay personal expenses or to invest in other commercial properties, our experts at Austin Commercial Loan can guide you in the right direction.  Many borrowers are intimidated by commercial loans because of the amount of time and documentation needed to close, as well as the stringent guidelines.  Yet, here at Austin Commercial Loan we have an array of products that are so flexible that regardless of your scenario or situation, it would only be wise to call us and ask what we can do for you.

Commercial Mortgage Loan Refinances

We provide a variety of information if you are considering a refinance of your current commercial loan. Regardless of your property type whether it be a multi-family commercial property, a medical facility, or most other commercial property types, please call us so that we can fit you in the right commercial loan and with the right term.  It is important to be aware of current interest rates to ensure that the value of refinancing out weights the cost. Do not be discouraged if you believe you have challenged credit. Please contact us for today’s rates or apply now to receive a free quote and free credit report!

Whatever your commercial mortgage needs may be,
we will tailor a loan that’s right for you: 

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Cash out
  • SBA Loans
  • Conventional Commercial Bank Loans
  • Secondary Market Lending
  • Private Money Bridge and Mezzanine Loans
  • Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD Loans
  • Venture Capital
  • JV Partnerships
  • Construction

We make the process of purchasing a commercial property or refinancing your current commercial mortgage loan simple and straight forward by offering you the latest in financial tools set forth by the best banks in our country. This will enable you to make the most accurate financial decision.  Please contact us to discuss your scenario, interest rates, and any other commercial mortgage loan questions or apply now.

How much money can I borrow for a commercial loan?

Typical conventional loan amounts are between $150,000 to $10 million, however at Austin Commercial Loan we can lend much larger amounts on hard money transactions if the borrower and property/project are strong enough to qualify.

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